” Meditation in the Hills ” 4 week beginners course….

The next Adelaide Hills 4 Week “Learn to Meditate” Course will be at the picturesque “Piccadilly Hall”. This beautiful heritage community hall is next door to the “Mt Lofty Botanic Gardens” which will be perfect for our walking meditation on the last week of the course. We might even finish it with a picnic!

Learning to Meditate is not difficult but it does require some learning of techniques and some practice. This 4 week course is designed to help you set up your own daily practice. Each week I will take you through different types of meditation and offer practical advice with notes and audio’s for home practice.


I have tried to learn meditation at various times throughout my life. A class here and there, but never found time to sustain it as a practice. Life got in the way. Other demands on my time. India’s classes were over and above my expectations. From the moment I met her, the hot herbal tea on arrival, the notes carefully written and provided in our own folder. Her teachings, the practice education, her personal interest in our Journey, and her sincere desire to enrich our lives with this ancient tool – gives me every reason to recommend India and her classes to everyone. This is what she is meant to do!

Thank you India

Pam Barrien


Thursday November 5, 12, 19 & 26 at 10 am (perfect for after school drop off!)


$100 ( inclusive 4 weeks ).… includes yummy tea on arrival, folder with weekly notes, and  audio’s for home practice and a special gift.



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