Deer of Delta…

For those of you who know me well, you will be aware of my love of Oracle cards! Each morning as part of my Meditation and Prayer ritual I choose a card. Currently I am using Alana Fairchilds “White Light Oracle”.

These past three days I have drawn “Deer of Delta” and have been working energetically with her meditation and messages. The Deer is my spirit animal to whom I feel deeply connected. Whenever this oracle or animal appears or connects with me I know I can trust the messages it brings.

As a Buddhist practitioner I try to choose the “middle way” wherever possible. When I am conscious and awake I am able to avoid extreme emotions, opinions or situations. Of course as a human I am not always operating at this level and like all of us I am a work in progress!

The Deer reminds me to be gentle in nature and of the power of this unique way of being. Without force we can all overcome all obstacles with kindness and compassion and invoke spiritual connection and protection. We can become vunerable like the gentle doe within our devotion to our spiritual practice.

There is no need to be harsh or aggressive in our speech, thoughts or actions towards ourself and others. No reason to disconnect from our softness and grace. The Deer, although venerable survives and thrives in her own true Buddha nature. As can we!

Delta waves offer us a space of deep healing and deep sleep that invites the deepest healing and renewal. This time of lockdown has enabled me to go deeper into my own healing. During sleep I have received many blessings, dreams, messages and downloads.

So tell me, what do you connect with as spiritual practice? What have you received during this precious time of deep connectiveness?

Love & blessings

India 🙏

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